Perma Marks

Keep your bookmarked pages forever.

Then is for you!


  • Permamarks are bona fide copies of existing web pages.

  • It's Anonymous: You log in via a social media site you trust, we get an encrypted hash unique to you but totally unreadable, and then we create a random string for your username.

  • Your Permamarks are stored in the cloud; even if your computer crashes, your bookmarks will be safe.

  • Your Permamarks never change, and cannot be taken down except by due process of law.

  • You can access all of your permamarks from any Internet-capable device (computer, cell phone, tablet, etc.).

  • You're in control: Choose whether a Permamark is visible only to you or share its link to whomever you want.

  • [Pro] You can download your Permamarks at any time and store them on any number of devices, in both HTML and Zip formats.

  • [Pro] You can convert any Permamark into PDF, ePub, Mobi, or into an image to be viewed on many types of devices (TV, eReader, etc.).

  • [Pro] You're protected: Every private Permamark is password protected so only you can access it.